Yacht Entry and Clearance Procedures

The below list are the normal  entry and clearance procedures for Antigua and Barbuda. Please note this includes additional procedures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in bold.

Please note all passengers entering Antiguan and Barbudan waters must have a valid Negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test result within 3 days prior to travel and must be fully-vaccinated. Port Health has the final authority on allowing boats into Antiguan waters. Port Health had the authority to place a boat under quarantine according to guidelines issues by Port Health.

  • Please call the Coastguard on VHF Channel 16 from 6 hours out of Antigua to request entry to Antiguan and Barbudan waters.
  • Come along the dock at any one of the marinas and fly a yellow “Q” (quarantine) flag from a conspicuous point high in the rigging of a sailing vessel or the bridge of a motor yacht.
  • All passengers and crew will remain on board the vessel or yacht until clearance has been obtained.
 Port Health must clear the vessel before any other clearance procedures take place. The Master only may proceed ashore to the customs and immigration office. No other crew members are allowed ashore until the entry procedures have been completed. 
 Masters of vessels arriving after hours must make certain no crew member is allowed ashore until entry procedure has been completed at the first available opportunity.
  • Masters of vessels wishing to cruise must check with the local Port Authority for permission to do so. A valid cruising permit entitles a vessel to cruise anywhere in Antigua and Barbuda waters unless an area has been specifically prohibited to navigation or is in the interest of national security.  
The National Parks Authority and Antigua Port Authority regulations must be adhered to whilst the vessel is in Antigua and Barbuda waters.
  • Passengers and crew leaving a vessel in Antigua and Barbuda waters must have a valid airline ticket to a country that will accept them without question.  This ticket must be presented to the Immigration Officer on leaving the vessel.

Clearing In: for online procedures go to www.eseaclear.com

  • Acquire and fill out ED Cards. One for each person on board; ensure all three (3) sections are filled out.  ED cards must be signed by each person.  (Parents sign on behalf of children under 12 years). A Health declaration form must be completed for everyone on board.
  • Proceed to Customs.  Present Clearance from last Port and receive and fill out the General Declaration Form.
  • Proceed to Immigration.  Present ED Cards, Passports, General Declaration and Official Crew & Passenger Lists (6 Copies required for the clearing in process: in the absence of a Crew & Passenger list the names may be written on the General Declaration).
  • Back to Customs for final approval.
    Proceed to Port Authority.  Here the necessary fees for Entrance, Rubbish Disposal, Anchorage or Dockage and Cruising Permits can be paid; US and EC dollars are accepted as well as Credit Cards- VISA or MasterCard only.

Clearing Out: For online procedures go to www.eseaclear.com

  • Start at Port Authority; Pay any outstanding fees and receive a certificate of clearance.
  • Proceed to Customs and present the Certificate of Clearance to the Officer and receive and fill out a General Declaration form.
  • Proceed to Immigration and present Passports, the bottom portion of the ED card that would have  been  given  back  to  you when you were cleared in, the Crew & Passenger lists (4 copies required for the clearing out process) and the General Declaration form (if copies are lost you are required to complete a new ED card).
  • Back to customs.  Once all papers are in order you will be given clearance to leave.  All three entities  are in the same building both in English & Jolly Harbours and North Sound.
  • Masters wishing to exchange crew members must, in the presence of an Immigration Officer, sign the said crew member(s) off one vessel and onto another with both masters taking full responsibility.  Failure to do so will result in legal action.
  • It is illegal to sell or otherwise dispose of an airline ticket to persons other than those who originally purchased the ticket.  It is an offense to remain in Antigua & Barbuda without the consent of the Immigration authorities.
  • Vessels clearing out of Antigua & Barbuda must depart within 24 hours of completing clearance procedures.  All departing vessels will be obliged to pay harbour dues before departing.
  • In the case of crew members arriving by air or joining a vessel that is leaving for a foreign destination, a signed letter from the yacht’s captain or from a local agent will be accepted in lieu of a return ticket.  This documentation must be presented in advance of or at the time of the individual’s arrival at the airport.
  • Every vessel in Antigua & Barbuda’s waters must carry a valid cruising permit.  Vessels anchored in English Harbour or Falmouth Harbour or berthed at Nelson’s Dockyard, Antigua Slipway, Antigua Yacht Club Marina, Falmouth Harbour Marina and Catamaran Marina are subject to National Parks Authority fees in addition to Port Authority Fees.
  • Receipts for all Port and National Parks fees must be shown even if clearing out through a different port from the original Port of Entry.

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  1. How does one get a PCR test 4 Days out when crossing the Atlantic ! And if at sea for three weeks and no Covid symptoms then the only problem can be to the crew of the vessel from the local population there is no sense to these requirements !!!

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