There are employment possibilities in Antigua & Barbuda but strict rules have to be followed if a non-citizen or non-resident wishes to work in Antigua & Barbuda.

The Government recognises that certain skills are not available on the island and it encourages investment in businesses on the island.  Whether an employee or an investor in a business you are required to have a valid Work Permit.  It is illegal to take part in any business or trade for hire or reward without a Work Permit.  Any person who is not a citizen or a resident found working without a Work Permit is liable to a fine and immediate deportation.

The Government has made the obtaining of Work Permits easier in cases where skills not available on the island are required by companies in pursuit of their business.  Short term Work Permits are also available if required.

Employers can equally be fined if they employ non-citizens or non-residents without valid Work Permits.

The Antigua & Barbuda Marine Association offers identity cards to marine workers who are legally allowed to be employed in Antigua & Barbuda.  Any person seeking employment without a current identity card will be refused entry to the docks.

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