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Work Officer\’s Quarters Nelson\’s Dockyard English Harbour Antigua Work Phone: +1 (268) 481-5027 Work Phone: +1 (268) 481-5028 Cell Phone: +1 (268) 481-5030 Website: Website


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The Nelson’s Dockyard Marina is one the prettiest pieces of living history in the Caribbean. Once the naval base for the Royal Navy, the marina is now the home of the some of the most impressive super yachts in the world. This busy dockyard is littered with shops, cafes and restaurants, with two fine hotels set into the picturesque Georgian dockyard.

The Marina is a beautiful place to stop in to for a few days, and if you are lucky enough to be here during Sailing Week, Classic Week or the Antigua Charter Yacht Show then the atmosphere is electric.

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Officer\’s Quarters Nelson\’s Dockyard Antigua

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