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Chippy Fine Yacht Woodwork

Contact: Jerry / Lyn Bardoe
Work Cobb\’s Cross Falmouth Antigua Work Phone: +1 (268) 460-1832 Work Phone: +1 (268) 460-2447 Cell Phone: +1 (268) 460-1491 Website: Website


Photo of Chippy Fine Yacht Woodwork

Chippy has been a part of Antigua’s charter yacht industry since its infancy.  The need for specialized carpenters inspired Chippy’s creation and since then, has been at the forefront of yacht woodwork. Chippy now has a select crew of workers, some trained over Chippy’s 33 years, and some recruited from international talent, ensuring excellent standards of quality.

Chippy has been the go to business for excellence in marine woodworking.
Specializing in interior joinery, veneers, deck work, and wooden spars; Chippy also partners with Teak Decking Systems for professional quality decks.

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Cobb\’s Cross Falmouth Antigua

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