Covid-19 Protocols


This list of information has been compiled with the relevant authorities and summarises key changes and restrictions as they are made. This page was last updated on 26th September 2021. We will be keeping this up to date as the situation changes, however if you have any queries about specific government departments, please call them directly to ensure you receive clarification from the authorised bodies.


The latest advisory was issued on 15th March, 2022. Click here to read the full advisory and the approved list of Antigen Test. Information that is of specific importance in this advisory is highlighted in red. Any yacht however needing to secure safe harbour may do so, but please contact the Coast Guard on Channel 16 to gain permission to move.

On occasion a yachting guideline update is issued. The last update is now out of date and therefore we have removed reference to it so as not to confuse people further.



As the official authority for managing maritime laws, the Coastguard is mandated to manage movement on the water at all times.


Please note all passengers entering Antiguan and Barbudan waters must have a valid Negative PCR Covid-19 test result within 4 days prior to travel and must be fully-vaccinated. Port Health has the final authority on allowing boats into Antiguan waters. Port Health had the authority to place a boat under quarantine according to guidelines issues by Port Health.


For people in Antigua and Barbuda and in need of tests, a full list can be found here. Test requirements are according to your next port of call, so please check carefully. Some of the testing facilities can arrange for practioners to visit your home, accommodation or yacht.


While visiting Antigua, when on land visitors must stay only in COVID Ceritified hotels or use COVID certified tours and visit COVID certified restaurants. A full and updated list of these businesses is available here.

CLEARING INTO AND OUT OF ANTIGUA – Clearance in and out of  Antigua can only take place at the Nevis Street Pier in St. John’s and Nelson’s Dockyard Marina at this time.

For details on full yacht clearance procedures please check out this link.


A curfew is in place from 8 pm to  5 am daily.


Beaches are open 7 days a week: from 5am to 7pm daily. These hours will be reviewed again from 1st October, 2021. Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic beaches are closed on Bank Holidays.  Currently no food or drink are allowed to be consumed on the beach.

This is now mandatory when leaving your property and in public places. Homemade masks are acceptable, but your nose and mouth must be covered. Police have the authority to arrest you if your mask is not in place. Please note this law applies to everyone in Antigua whether visiting temporarily or residing permanently.

Please note that although a mask is not required to be worn when exercising, the person should have a mask ready to put on once exercising has finished.

When visiting restaurants masks must be worn and can be taken off to eat and drink only. Please note once moving around a restaurant or bar, a mask must be worn at all times.

A person who fails to comply with these special measures commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars or to imprisonment for six (6) months or to both such fine and imprisonment.


Businesses have sanitisation stations in place on the outside of the building including handwashing facilities, santiser and many businesses also require temperatures to be checked before entering the building. Please comply with all instructions. Businesses have the right to refuse entry.


As part of the mitigation of COVID-19 there is currently a maximum group size of 10 people for gatherings including in private homes and public spaces. All protocols of social distancing, sanitisation and mask wearing are expected to be adhered to even in private gatherings. Following this rules will assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19.


As of 15th October, 2021, bars remain closed for business but restaurants and gymns can open to fully vaccinated patrons. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination when requested, or even better, offer it.