The Board

The board is comprised of volunteer representatives from member organisations and key stakeholders within the industry. The board voted in on 10th November 2016 for a two year term are:

Position Board Member Organisation
 President  Franklyn Braithwate  A & F Sails
Vice President Bobby Reis Falmouth Harbour Marina
Treasurer Pete Anthony Ondeck
Secretary Katarina Mghie Antigua and Barbuda Department of Merchant Shipping (and Ex-Officio)
Marketing Chair Rana Lewis Antigua Sailing Week
Advocacy Chair Canter de Jager Seagull Inflatables
Environment & Community Alison Sly Adams Antigua Sailing Week
Ex-Officio Tanny Rose Jr. Yachting, Cruise & Marine Development Officer, Ministry of Tourism
Ex-Officio Open TBC Antigua and Barbuda Yacht Workers Association
Director at Large Karen Rensburg Lighthouse Yachting
Director at Large Tom Helier North Sound Marina
Director at Large Leslie Desilvia LCD Tools