Government Advocacy

  • Recommendation of improvements to facilities and customs and immigration procedures.
  • Liaison with various government ministries in providing information and feedback to assist in future policies, particularly the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Work closely with the O.E.C.S. and E.C.L.A.C. in its efforts to develop the yachting industry across the region.
  • Communication across the Caribbean Yachting Industry and instrumental in setting up of Caribbean Marine Association (C.M.A)

Promotion of Antigua and Barbuda as a Premier Yachting Destination and Premier Vacation Destination

  • Collective marketing, advertising and promotions through the ABMA Marine Directory and other publications.
  • Participation in International Trade Shows and Consumer Boat Shows where feasible and provision of marketing materials.
  • Promotion of the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association Website www.abma.ag and active on-line links in and out of the site to raise awareness of the industry and the country  along with social media channels.

Local Partnerships

  • Work with the National Parks Association, the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting, Sailing Week, Antigua Yacht Club and the Ministry of Tourism and other organisations as required on events, marketing and strategic issues.
  • Collates an annual calendar which is sent to relevant orgnisations and available online to ensure people are aware of all event dates and assist people who are interested in new events in advising on timing of the event to minimise any calendar clashes.

Community Programmes

  • To create awareness of the critical importance of the yachting industry and the tourist industry generally to the livelihoods and well being of all areas of the community.
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues and their effect on the community and country.
  • Engender support for key charitable events or situations in the community.


  • All of the efforts of the Association rely on the yearly membership fees and additional offers of funds from the members, along with a series of social events organised by the association within the community throughout the year. The funds from these events are then used to further our marketing programme.

Recognition by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda has achieved

  • Advance Passenger Information System suspended.  APIS would have severely damaged the yachting industry in Antigua
  • Direct channels to Immigration to resolve problems
  • Agreements on ABST to benefit the marine industry
  • Appointment of  a Yachting Liaison Officer
  • Falmouth Harbour approval as a Port of Entry (yet to be implemented)
  • Agents allowed to clear in yachts
  • Initiation of Dock Worker Pass System
  • Yachting Symposium chaired by the Prime Minister
  • Recognition of Seaman’s Book
  • Employment of Marine Hospitality Officers
  • Increased Police presence in Falmouth and English Harbours
  • E/D Cards available in marinas
  • Short term/temporary Work Permits for marine industry workers
  • Harmonisation of port charges to yacht transport companies for discharging and loading yachts at the port in Antigua
  • Advocating for the supply of low sulphur fuel in Antigua which resulted in the product being available.

Additionally, the ABMA

  • Has improved social contact between members
  • Employed a permanent office secretariat
  • Is working throughout the Caribbean with the Caribbean Marine Association and the Caribbean Sailing Association
  • The ABMA has sent representatives to the Monaco Boat Show, Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, Sea Trade Convention in Miami, Safety & Security Conferences in both Antigua & Trinidad and to a CMA Conference in Trinidad on APIS.  ABMA leaflets are distributed at main yachting destinations in Europe, the Canaries and Florida.

To review the by-laws of the organisation please click here.

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