Mask Wearing is Mandatory

Mask Wearing is Mandatory
04 Feb 2021

Over the past week, Antigua and Barbuda have seen a significant increase in the number of COVID – 19 cases causing the Government to make the decision to extend curfew hours from 8 pm to 5 am daily along with closing bars and only allowing restaurants to serve food for takeaway.

Alongside this and a few other requirements mask-wearing, social distancing, and gatherings of no more than 10 people in public or private are mandatory.

With regards to mask-wearing, the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association is greatly concerned to receive reports that yacht workers have been requested to board yachts where those on board are not wearing masks. All yacht owners are hereby reminded that all on board who may come into contact with a yacht worker must wear a mask at all times. This includes crew picking up a worker by rib to take them to boats at anchor. Yacht workers should refuse to go onboard unless crews are wearing their masks.

Wearing of masks is part of the protocols created to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

As soon as anyone is off the water mask-wearing is mandatory with no exceptions. An on the spot fine for non-compliance can be levied of EC$500, or, if an arrest is made, a fine of EC$5000 or 6 months imprisonment can be applied.

In addition, it is imperative that boat owners are not allowing any people, whether guests or workers, on board if there are cases of COVID-19 or if any crew are self-isolating due to a potential infection on board. If the boat has been put in quarantine a Q-flag MUST be flown.

Marine Service businesses and dockworkers must check into the Marina Office to ensure that there are no issues with the boat before boarding.

The health of our yacht workers is paramount, as is the health of all of our visitors. We will only be able to fight the spread of the disease if we all take personal responsibility.

Please ensure this information is passed to all crew members.

To keep up to date with any new protocols and requirements, please visit

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