A number of members and visiting yachts have asked about contributing to a fund to assist any yachting and marine workers who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. To that end, funds are being collected by the ABMA and being deposited into the Marine Development Fund which will be disseminated through a food voucher system over the coming weeks.

So that the ABMA can disseminate the funds fairly, member organizations are asked to submit requests for any workers who have been laid off or had hours and pay significantly reduced along with supporting information about their circumstances i.e. a family, main wage earner, etc.

Please state what % of their normal wage they are currently earning. This will help us prioritize the most needy cases.

The Yacht Workers Association can do the same on behalf of its members.
On receipt of applications, the ABMA board will then assess the level of support that can be given and for how long.

Please submit the list of employees to email info@abma.ag.

Vouchers will be issued to employers to disseminate to their workers.

For anyone wishing to donate to the fund, the details can be found here.