Dream Yacht Charter Back For Antigua Sailing Week 2018 & 2019

Dream Yacht Charter Back For Antigua Sailing Week 2018 & 2019
24 Oct 2017

Race starts at Rendezvous Bay during ASW 2017© Paul Wyeth

Antigua Sailing Week is delighted to partner once again with Dream Yacht Charter in its second year of a three-year sponsorship as the Official Exclusive Bareboat and By-the-Cabin Charter Sponsor of Antigua Sailing Week.

The Dream Yacht Charter fleet consists of more than 900 yachts in 47 bases worldwide, many of which have actively participated in Antigua Sailing Week over many years. Dream Yacht Charter opened its charter base in Antigua three years ago with monohulls and catamarans from several manufacturers and the number of yachts available for charter keeps growing year on year.

Dream Yacht Charter founder Loic Bonnet says,‘Our fleet and business remain strong after the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria across the Caribbean.Our bases in Antigua and several other islands were completely untouched by the storms and we’re delighted at this time to reinforce our strengths by once again partnering with Antigua Sailing Week as the Official Exclusive Bareboat Sponsor. Last year we teamed up with ASW for the first time for its 50th Edition and it was a wonderful celebration of the event’s rich history and a great beginning to our goal of growing our brand in the Caribbean.’

Kathy Lammers, Chairman of Antigua Sailing Week’s Regatta Organising Committee says, ‘We had some initial concerns about the fleet after the storms, but we’re pleased that only a very small percentage of boats was impacted and it will be business as usual for Dream Yacht Charter at Antigua Sailing Week 2018.  We look forward to working with Dream Yacht Charter to develop new classes and continue to grow entry numbers.’

Sailors wishing to participate in Antigua Sailing Week 2018 can view available charter options from Dream Yacht Charter by visiting www.dreamyachtcharter.com.Race packages include race entry fee, mooring, insurance, race support, charter Antigua-Antigua and more.  Boats can be chartered on a bareboat or crewed charter basis and by-the-cabin charters are also available. For those who prefer to sleep on board, whether racing or not, there is an excellent fleet of boats available for charter as motherships. More information on current mothership charter options can be found here:  https://www.sailingweek.com/race-charters/.

For more information about Dream Yacht Charter and its charter packages visit www.dreamyachtcharter.com or call 866-469-0912 to speak in more detail about your requirements.

The bareboat fleet during ASW 2017 © Paul Wyeth