We have a champion! Congratulations Teddy Nicolosi on winning the Seaboard Marine Optimist North American Championship 2015 closed event.

For today’s races the competitors were allocated to three fleets as usual, but this time the division had been made so that the best 54 sailors raced together, (and so did the next 54 and the subsequent 54). This way the top sailors could fight against each other, making the last two races a real contest. The conditions were more challenging than yesterday’s, with gusts reaching 25 knots.

A 7th in race 9 (first of the day) had already pushed Teddy down to the second place overall, hence the disqualification that followed did not change his position, but prevented him from climbing back to the first place. Anyway, his performance throughout the event revealed a promising sailing career.

The winner of the open event was Yi Nian Koh from Singapore. At the end of yesterday’s races Yi Nian Koh was only three points behind Teddy, points that the two bullets of today turned into 7 ahead of him.

Among the Antiguan sailors, Rocco is the undisputed leader, finishing 8th and 14th in today’s races, allowing him to climb back to 7th place overall and 2nd North American.

In the girls fleet the twin Cowles got hold of the lead and wouldn’t let it go, finishing 1st and 2nd female sailors of the open event.

The end of the championship was marked by another unforgettable ceremony, at which all the delegations were awarded at least one prize.

It is after the closing ceremony when everybody draws conclusions, and in this case the general feeling was of gratitude and delight. Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors, the authorities and officials, without whom the championship would have not been the same. We are proud of what we’ve achieved in only six month of preparations. Good trip back home and we look forward to seeing you all back in Antigua!


1st overall: Yi Nian Koh (SIN)
2nd overall: Teddy Nicolosi (ISV)
3rd overall: Massimo Contessi (ARG)

1st North American: Teddy Nicolosi (ISV)
2nd North American: Rocco Falcone (ANT)
3rd North American: Emma Cowles (USA)

1st girl: Emma Cowles (USA)

Click here to download the list of trophies awarded at the ceremony

Results can be viewed/downloaded here: http://optinam2015.org/results.php

Event contact email address: optinam2015@yachtclub.ag

Photo Credit: Matias Capizzano (http://www.capizzano.com/optinam15/)