FAQ – During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions during the 24-hour lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

This list of information has been compiled with the relevant authorities.  We will be keeping this up to date as the situation changes, however if you have any queries about specific government departments, please call them directly to ensure you receive clarification from the authorised bodies.

As updates are made to advisories or new notices issued by the government they will be posted on our advisories post here: http://abma.ag/2020/03/update-on-antigua-barbuda-travel-entry-protocols-and-procedures-due-to-the-coronavirus/

Coastguard – can be called on VHF channel 16 – As the official authority for managing maritime laws, the Coastguard is mandated to manage movement on the water at all times.

Renewing Cruising Permits – Please note cruising can take place between curfew hours of 5am to 9pm daily. Fro cruising permit renewals, the fees will be payable when you process the outward clearance (clearance to depart Antigua).  The department understands the difficult times we’re in and think that this is the best way of dealing with the matter.

For further clarification or questions please call: 732-4157/779-4566. If in National Parks please call Marina Manager Marius Smith between 9 – 12 pm daily. Tel no: 464-6941.

Clearing into Antigua – No clearance will be issued for any vessels (passenger vessels, pleasure craft or small craft) arriving into Antigua and Barbuda. All vessels attempting to enter the state SHALL be denied entry.

Clearing out of Antigua – Clearing out can be done at Nevis Street Pier in St. Johns or at Nelson’s Dockyard. Please call the Coastguard 24-hours before leaving to seek permission to move the boat to St. John’s prior to clearing out. If clearing out from within the National Park, please call Marina Manager Marius Smith between 9 – 12 pm daily. Tel no: 464-6941.

For details on yacht clearance procedures please check out this link. http://abma.ag/yachting/yacht-entry-and-clearance-procedures/

Renewing immigration status – The Immigration Department is still operational on a shift system and has issued an advisory on the 21st April 2020. For full details click this link http://abma.ag/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/extension-of-stay-permit-procedures-April-20-2020.pdf

  • For people wishing to extend their stay PAST May 31st, 2020 – contact DOI to set up an appointment. These appointments will take place at Nelson’s Dockyard. A Medical Practitioner will be available at the appointment for all first time extension appointments.
  • For people with expired permits FROM 1st April, 2020 – you will be issued with an automatic extension valid up to May 31st, 2020 and will be payable on departure from Antigua and Barbuda as an Outbound Processing Fee in lieu of a full Extension of Stay Permit.
  • For people with expired permit BEFORE 1st April, 2020  and intending to leave on or before May 31st, 2020 will pay a normal extension fee payable on departure from Antigua and Barbuda

Curfew – The latest advisories can be found here: http://abma.ag/2020/03/update-on-antigua-barbuda-travel-entry-protocols-and-procedures-due-to-the-coronavirus/

Exercise – Latest update 18th May, 2020 – A person may, during the period 5:00 a.m. to 9 pm each day, walk, jog, run, cycle or perform any other physical activity which may lawfully be carried on, provided such a person complies with the following:

a. Shall do so in an open field or on the side of a public road or at the beach.
b. May do so in the company of one other person or their household until only while observing social distancing protocol
c. Shall wear a face mask/covering. Those engaging in exercises will be allowed to remove masks temporarily, but must also have them handy so they they can be worn when the exercise period ends.
d. Shall not use the occasion as an occasion of social gathering

A person who fails to comply with these special measures commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars or to imprisonment for six (6) months or to both such fine and imprisonment.

Beaches are now open 7 days a week from 5am to 7pm. (Please note this is 2 hours prior to the end of curfew daily. No picnicking, alcohol or social gatherings.)

Wearing of Masks – This is now mandatory when leaving your property. Homemade masks are acceptable, but your nose and mouth must be covered. Police have the authority to arrest you if your mask is not in place. Please see guidelines here: http://abma.ag/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Coast-Guard.pdf

Fuel – Is still for sale at the usual locations.  Please call ahead to check on opening hours and call the Coastguard to seek permission to move if at anchor.

In Need of Crew – Try using the Antigua Yacht Crew Group on Facebook or any crew placement agencies. http://abma.ag/directory/?cn-s=&cn-cat=12

Ships spares – The port and airport are still open for receiving cargo. Speak to your agent or broker to organise this.

Barbuda – During the curfew Barbuda is not open to visiting pleasure craft.  Any boats in Barbudan waters should return to Antiguan waters.

Insurance Options – Boats who are looking at the viability of staying in Antigua during the Hurricane Season may need to seek insurance cover. Local companies to approach are:
Anjo Insurances – www.anjoinsure.com  jhall@anjoinsure.ag Telephone: 726-7047
Caribbean Alliance – www.caribbeanalliance.com

Marine Services – The ABMA membership consists of marine service businesses. The A-Z list can be found here: http://abma.ag/directory/ .

Marinas – Check here for a full list of Marinas along with contact details.

The directory is also searchable by category using the drop down box at the top of the page.

Other Useful Numbers