Gill renews its partnership with Antigua Sailing Week

Gill renews its partnership with Antigua Sailing Week
14 Feb 2018

Gill, the leading technical apparel brand, and manufacturing company have extended its partnership with Antigua Sailing Week (ASW) for the 2018 and 2019 events to provide the official Merchandise range exclusively for ASW crew members.

According to ASW Merchandise Manager, Jenny Hadeed, this partnership represents exciting developments as the event moves into the next decade. “We are very proud to be working with Gill again as their UV merchandise provides excellent cover for the participating crews. We continue to build a strong brand association between ASW and Gill that enhances not only the look of the crews but the event as a whole.”

The existing line has some new and exciting additions for 2018, including micro fleeces in new colors and two new technical tops, the quarter zip and long sleeve both in black.

Hadeed adds that the popularity of the line means quick sales. “The online store is now live and as with previous years we know that it will sell quickly and we are urging all interested crews to place their orders early for customised gear.” For crew gear options click here.

Since its initial partnership with ASW, Gill recently announced that the British parent company has acquired Gill North America Ltd. Gill’s CEO Jamie Tunnicliffe, explains that this acquisition will be beneficial to all. “We are delighted to have finalized a deal which benefits our customers, stakeholders, and staff. With this brand consolidation, turnover growth will now exceed GBP£20 million in 2018 and we can ensure that we have a consistent brand message and product offering across the world.”

For the full 2018 ASW Gill Range visit the ASW Store here


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